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Our main goal is to take care of the Clients and improve quality of their life!

More than 15 years PROTECO GROUP is a strong guarantee of permanently high quality of products, reliable partner for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and all customers of medical products in Russia and Neighboring Countries.

We use to collaborate with foreign manufacturers with innovative medical products and also we develop our own production site and implement new technologies to expand Russian high quality product range.

PROTECO GROUP takes care of the Clients and their needs and provides not only high quality services and products, but also a unique learning system for product use in medical practice.

A.A. Aliev

President of PROTECO GROUP

A.A. Aliev
President of PROTECO GROUP
years of efficient
  • Wide distributor network
  • Modern production site
  • Own learning centers
Tokuyama dental
Tokuyama dental
Clean + Safe
Tokuyama dental

Tokuyama group (Japan) is the well known chemical concern has a history of over a century.

Beginning from 1978 the company has been producing and developing unique innovational products, making a great contribution to the development of dental industry all over the world. The composites, bonding agents , denture relines are presented on Russian market.

The range of products is constantly growing.

Clean + Safe

Clean+Safe is a brand focused on disposable products for dentistry, as well as personal protective equipment, which provide medical personnel and patients with comfort and reliable protection during examination and medical procedures.

Clean+Safe products comply with Russian and international standards and have all required certificates.


Dezaurum products are developed by PROTECO GROUP and produced by the own plant in Leningradsaya oblast in accordance with the European standards of quality and safety.

Dezaurum is a line of professional disinfectants developed in accordance with the NIID standards and having a wide evidence base of effectiveness, including against coronavirus infection


STEA brand products are a professional medical instruments that meet high standards of European quality and safety.

STEA product range includes more than 3000 positions and constantly grows


Dezodent products are produced in Germany by the partner of PROTECO GROUP and sold exclusively in Russia and Neighboring Countries.

The wide range of products meets all modern quality and safety requirements.

Partnership with PROTECO GROUP
PROTECO GROUP – Your reliable partner on Russian and Neighboring Countries medical markets
  • Contract manufacturing on certified production site with implemented Quality Management System according to ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 13485-2011 standards
  • Wide distributor network on Russian and Neighboring Countries medical markets
  • Unique brand promotion and marketing system with own learning centres and strong commercial policy
  • Efficient medical product registration system on Russian and Neighboring Countries markets
  • Pharmaceutical license
  • Own warehouses and logistics system in Russia
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Career development with PROTECO GROUP
PROTECO GROUP is great team of active like-minded persons for whom there is no word “impossible”.

Company success is built on our employee’s success.

We create the best conditions for young specialists to develop and for experts to realize their potential using mentoring, corporate education and implementation of complex and ambitious projects.

We respect our colleagues and take care of them.

Become a part of our friendly PROTECO GROUP team!

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Irina Epifanova
Territory Manager for St. Petersburg and Northwestern Federal District

I became a part of PROTECO GROUP in May 2019 as a client manager in the sales department. Before working at PROTECO GROUP, I had an experience of sales manager in retail and didn’t have any knowledge about large wholesale company business, but I decided to try it, it is not in my nature to retreat.

From the first day my colleague, Irina Suslova, took care of me and immersed me in the content of my work. At first, I got the impression that the work requires perseverance, scrupulousness and consists of many repetitive operations. But the commercial director didn’t let me get bored and added interesting tasks related to sales analytics and product distribution. I had success with the main and additional tasks and became a senior client manager in July 2019.

In July 2020 I was offered a position of a territory manager for St. Petersburg and the Northwestern Federal District. I thought about the proposal for 2 days and the thirst of new experience and tasks pushed me to accept the proposal. From January 2021 I am promoted to the position of a regional manager.

My slogan: let’s try and everything will work out! It is very interesting to work in PROTECO GROUP!

Irina Epifanova
Pavel Zhalnin
Head of Strategic Marketing Department

I became a part of PROTECO GROUP 2 years ago as a promotion manager after recommendations of one of the employees.
And immediately I was impressed by the speed of decision-making and the fact that the Company makes it possible to take responsibility.

Within a year I got a promotion and was able to build a strong team.
Responsibility is not only a privilege, but also a challenge. There are lot of challenges in my work, I have to immerse myself permanently in the specifics of new products and new markets.

That’s the point of my development as a professional and it expands my expertise.I also really appreciate the transparency of motivation at PROTECO GROUP - I always understand how the results of my work will be evaluated.

It's great when you are respected and I reciprocate it.

Pavel Zhalnin
Tatiana Poleshak
Registration Manager

I joined PROTECO GROUP a year ago as an office manager. After 4 months I was offered to try myself in the registration department - this was an absolutely new area for me. Thanks to my diligence, attention to details and curiosity, I was entrusted with such an important business process.

The Company believed in me and gave me the opportunity to gain a new expertise. And now I feel the strong support of the Company, I know that my opinion is taken in account.

Tatiana Poleshak
Alexandra Veselova
Head of the Planning and Economic Department

Experts keep saying that you should regularly change your job. But as for me, I most certainly don't need job hopping to pursue new skills.

That is because I take personally all the challenges the Company faces. Over the 7 years of work at PROTECO, I have witnessed how substantially the company has expanded. Work has become far more diverse and intense, new dedicated specialists have become a valuable addition to our team.

New success brings along new challenges, and you need to respond effectively. Our Company facilitates progress by providing nourishing environment and growth opportunities for the whole team.

My personal recipe for success is to keep moving forward, to grow and meet new challenges together with the Company and to make sure that we provide top quality products and services.

Alexandra Veselova
Location and Contacts
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The head office of PROTECO GROUP
is located in St. Petersburg
Saint-Petersburg, Varshavskaya str., b. 5/2, office 401, business-centre “Varshavskiy”